shopping guide

To customers who use our store

Thank you very much for choosing missy's from among the many stores.

When purchasing from our store, please be aware of the following information before purchasing.

[About cancellation]

We do not accept any cancellations due to customer convenience after purchase.

[About overseas products]
The products we sell are mainly imported from overseas.
Overseas products may have looser quality inspection standards than Japan, so they may not be as well made.
- Mishandled threads, rough stitching, some fraying
・Print misalignment
・Small dirt
- Traces of chalk pens and hangers
・Items without tags or laundry tags
- Insufficiently sewn items such as buttons
・Things with burrs or glue
These are not defective products and are treated as regular products.
Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to the above reasons.

[About returns and exchanges]

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to unsuitable size, wrong image, etc.
If the product is defective, please contact us within 4 days after receiving it.
We will not be able to accept any exchanges if you contact us after 4 days, if the item has been washed once, or if the tag has been removed, even if the item is defective, so please be sure to check the item when it arrives. Thank you very much.

[About packaging]
After inspection, dave&bella products will be shipped in a zipper bag sent by the manufacturer.
If you would like to replace with a new OPP bag, please write in the special notes section of the store.

[About shipping and shipping charges]
We will ship the item at the lowest cost.
Even if you purchase each item individually, we will ship them together.
Please note that we cannot refund even if shipping costs are doubled.
Free shipping for purchases over 10,000 yen.

[About receiving the product]
We do not accept refusals to receive the products you have ordered.
Please note that if the delivery is refused, you will be responsible for the resending costs.
If the address is incorrect, the customer will be responsible for the cost.

[About reserved products]

Unlike ready-to-ship items, it will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks for shipping.

The next order date is listed in the header of the top page, so please refer to it as a guide for delivery time.

We cannot accept any cancellations or changes after purchase.

Pre-ordered items are not guaranteed and will be canceled if the manufacturer runs out of stock.

If there is a product waiting to be remanufactured, it will be shipped after all ordered products are received.


SAVE CLOTHES sells outlet products and products used in Instagram Live.

We cannot accept returns or exchanges as we are selling only one item at an exceptional price.

Please understand the above before purchasing.